6 steps for succesful selling
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6 steps for succesful selling

Step 1

Finding a Good Real Estate Professional
Using the services of a Real Estate Professional begins with finding the person that you feel will best represent your interests in the marketing and negotiating processes.

If you do not know a Real Estate Professional that you would trust to sell your home, please ask the people in your sphere of influence who they have successfully used for real estate services.

You may find it helpful to interview more than one Real Estate Professional. The purpose of the interview is to hear how the professional would market your home to find a qualified buyer and how they would communicate the processes from the time of taking over to the closing day.

Step 2

Determining the Value of Your Home
To help you set the price of your home, your Real Estate Professional should be in a position to indicate a "Fair Market Price" or the Asking Price" which is an algebraic expression of the value of your home compared to recent sales of similar real estate properties in your neighborhood. Your Real Estate Professional should also tell you plus and minus indications to your home based on the measurable tangible differences of the same features in the homes that have recently been sold. You will have to disclose true information about your home such as the extent of land, square area of the house, floor plan, date of the CoC (Certificate of Conformity) etc. for the Real Estate Professional to make a fair assessment of your property. It is not required to part with your title information at this stage. The conclusion will be a marketing price range.

Step 3

The Listing your Property
Once you decide that you are going to list your property with the Real Estate Professional, you may then ask the Real Estate Professional confirm his terms of sale in writing. It is in your own interest to confirm what is included in the sale to the Real Estate Professional; i.e. the items in your home that convey to the new buyer, and any other contingencies of the sale.

Step 4

The Marketing Process
Many things go into procuring a buyer for your home. Your Real Estate Professional may do any one or all of the following real estate marketing activities:

• Advertise your home in the local newspapers, magazines etc.
• Mail marketing flyers to potential buyers.
• Display a "For Sale" sign in your front yard. (if the home is vacant)
• Post your home on applicable real estate websites.
• Market you home via email to other Real Estate Professionals in your market.

As the homeowner, your responsibility during this marketing process is to do everything possible to showcase the home in its best light during the showing times. When a prospective buyer comes to look at your home, you should try to take all family members and all pets away for a while, so that the buyer can really "try on" your home.

Step 5

Managing the transaction - No unexpected surprises
When the offer comes in - Negotiate the sale

Your Real Estate Professional will bring you the written Offer-to-Purchase. The buyer will not be present at this presentation. After reviewing all of the terms that the buyer has offered, you as the home seller will have 3 options:

• Accept the real estate buy offer as written.
• Make a counter offer to any part of the offer letter. (Seek advice of your Real Estate Professional before countering an offer.)
• Reject the offer totally.

During this time or prior to the offer being conveyed, you may have to accommodate various representatives of the buyer. They may include the buyer's friends and family, professionals such as architects and technically qualified persons and those providing religious and astrological guidance. Once you have negotiated an acceptable offer on your home, you will then release copies of title deeds and other documents usually require for title clearance. You will then begin the wait for closing day. During this time, the lending institution will be completing their work. The home will be inspected by a real estate appraiser to certify the value. Sometimes a resurvey of the property may be required. Your Real Estate Professional is truly the play-maker during this time. He/she will be coordinating all of the inspections and assisting with many different things.

Step 6

Closing the Sale
Once the title is cleared and all of the mortgage processing has been completed and the buyer's financing has been approved, the closing date will be set. This is the day that you, the home seller, will convey title to the property to the new buyer and receive the cheque from the sale in return. It will also be the day that you will move out and into your new home.

Our promise to both buyers and sellers is that we hold and command the most comprehensive data base of both buyers and sellers in our geographical area of operation. This enables us to offer our buyers the best matching properties for your specifications. Buyer satisfaction is the key for the seller to get the best possible price.
To truly deliver this promise our valuable clients, we employ various ethical techniques unique to our own. Right at the moment we are active only in the following towns and suburbs.

We hold and command the most comprehensive data base of both buyers and sellers in our geographical areas of operation. This enables us to offer our buyers the best matching properties as per their specifications.

Presently we are active only in the following towns and suburbs.

Nawala Nugegoda
Embuldeniya Colombo 3
Mirihana Madiwela Colombo 4
Ethulkotte Thalawathugoda Colombo 5
Pelawatta Pitakotte
Kohuwala Colombo 7
Beddagana Pepiliyana Colombo 8

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